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VA watchdog to say chief wrongly accepted Wimbledon tickets, airfare, but his lawyers blast findings

WASHINGTON — Department of Veterans Affairs investigators are poised to claim Secretary David Shulkin improperly accepted Wimbledon tickets and used taxpayers’ money to pay his wife’s airfare during a European trip last summer — findings Shulkin’s lawyers are blasting as questionable and unfair. The report by the VA inspector general is scheduled to be released sometime this week, but […]

Lawyers to implement Land probe recommendations

President Yoweri Museveni has said he will appoint senior police officers and lawyers to implement recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters. Museveni made the statements at Kawumu State Lodge where he received the interim report from the, Justice Catherine Bamugemereire led commission. He said that government would discuss the recommendations in the […]

Contract law week 1

If you would like to learn more about the laws in Florida, click here Contract Law Week 1 Formation “Agreement between two or more parties having the capacity to make it, in the form demanded by law to perform on one side or both acts which are not trifling indeterminate  impossible or illegal” Unilateral Contracts […]

Relationship between a bank and its customers

Q5. The relationship between a bank and its customers has been analysed as one of depositor/dispotee, principle/agent, of a fiduciary nature, or between creditor debtors. Explain these relationships applied to the banking contract. ( Courts dealing with concept of Fairness of terms and conditions) Abbey v National plc 2009. This post is sponsored by Notary public central […]

cautionary in Scots law

Q3. Explain the function of a cautionary in Scots law and detail the rights of the cautioner as well as the extent of their liability? Cautionary obligations It may give lenders comfort. It is a personal obligation given by a third party in respect of an obligation of a principal debtor. It is therefore an […]

“Derivative claim” Question

Q4) Discuss whether the statutory procedure securing a process for a “Derivative claim” provides sufficient minority protection. Please support your answer with reference to relevant case law. A derivative claim is a claim made by a nominate shareholder on behalf of the company. It is a claim made for the wrongs done to the company […]

Limited Liability – Corporate law revision

“…the most direct response to abuses of limited liability is to remove the veil of incorporation and make the shareholders (or directors) liable for the debts and other obligations of the company where abuse occurs.” (Gower & Davis, Principles of Modern company law, 2008, Thomson/sweet and Maxwell p 1999) Discuss the circumstances in which the […]

Company law revision questions pt.1

Q1) Explain the duties owed by the partners of a firm to each other AND                                                                B) the factors which might be construed as indicative or otherwise of the existence of a partnership by implication. And how they exist! Definition of partnership s1 It can consist of two or more parties. Previously there was an […]